Take back your garage and get vehicles inside!


The all new Keep Track Storage System puts to use open vacant spaces by taking full advantage of that wide open void above your garage door. Now you can clean out and free up your prime storage spaces that can be used more wisely.

Everybody has more stuff then they know what to do with! Time to make new spaces and regain control of your accumulation of valuables and for once be able to find things organized and neatly put up and away using Keep Safe App.

Use the Keep Track Storage System along with our Smart Phone Software called; "Keep Safe" and finally SEE what you have  been missing... LITERALLY!  Hide away your unsightly personal belongings into attractive, all matching storage totes that if noticed look uniform and orderly. 

Organization is good for the soul... giving you that feeling that you are back in control.  Our system lays out your stowed away items in a grid pattern that can be recorded with photos so you too can finally begin to Keep Track!


Overhead Garage Storage up until now has been exclusive to situations with over 2 feet of head clearance between the door and the ceiling. Our system works with only 15" of space using our 27 gallon totes or 12" using a 14 gallon tote.  

Perfect for storing a wide variety of items that are occasionally or seasonally used such as: Holiday Decorations…Clothing that is out of season, seasonal sports equipment…Keepsakes, etc. Keep Track is All-New long term storage for your short term stuff.

Garage space that is now taken up on the sides with shelving can be either used for other stuff or taken out completely making room for (you ready for this?) Your CAR! Protect that valuable asset from wear and tear from the weather.

The space above your garage door is not visible from the street.  Passers by won't be able to see you have 12 - 24 containers in your garage that go unnoticed, they're completely out of sight and out of mind. Your garage will take on a new look!

​Keep Track - Overhead Garage Storage System is by far the most, simplified, inexpensive, user-friendly method to store many of your personal belongings in 27 gallon heavy duty plastic totes. Although this system may look much different then what you're use to... it simply works!  Time to think outside the box and off the shelf.

12 - 24 storage totes fit above a double garage door at a fraction of the cost of other garage storage choices!  Utilize that vacant and easily accessible space overhead where things stay far less obstructive, clean, and rodent free.

Our innovative overhead system utilizes newly acquired storage space for items you may only need occasional access to when they are in season.  Totes are all sealed up high, dry and pest free so your belongings aren't damaged.

Use your smart phone and our Keep Track Software Application to record all of the contents of each tote that you can easily reference so you can quickly locate the item you desire without going through multiple totes searching.